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Mormo Is pointless.

May 30, 2010
While Mormo might not exactly have me turning handsprings with delight (I'm a bit old for handsprings, frankly), he's not really pointless. He gives you some serious support once you get his accuracy (and levels) up.

Jul 27, 2012
I love Mormo, really! He has a delightful personality, amiable and eager to please, but with quite a 'chip on his shoulder' that makes him most comical (that, and his habit of referring to himself in third person). And he is just plain cute, with a great costume (just my personal quirks coming into play here)

I keep Mormo in my top ten, sometimes my top five. He has several terrific attacks, both group and mojo blade, and if you boost his will, his damage is truly excellent. Plus he can significantly boost the agility (for a short time) for one of your crew members, usually the first thing I have him do in a fight. As you might expect for someone capable of considerable damage on multiple targets, Mormo is quite fragile. I do my best to protect him, but it doesn't always work, of course.

If you don't like Mormo, why not dust him off, make sure he is at a level close to yours, and try again? You might find you really like his versatility and his capacity for dangerous spellwork!

May 01, 2011
Mormo is good if you boost his Accuracy,Will,Rough and Spooky talents.Also after his first promotion it is good if you give him Improved Mojo Blast and Mojo Echo(if you want him to be an AoE companin) and after his second promotion give Improved Mojo Blast 2.He is a great team with El Toro(Mormo can give him his Crow Song and improve his movement and give First Strike).Also he has Mojo Blade(he is beast).
P.S:El Toro is the only copanion with improved movement and if you give Mormo's buff you'll see El Toro everywhere
Dark Colin Holystone lvl 53