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monquistan and marleybone skyways, stormgates

Mar 04, 2012
you should be able to go into a stormgate for FREE i'm serious,i Noble Eric Freeman tried to get into cool ranch stormgate and the cool ranch blockade did NOT let me in and now change of subject: order of the crown and marleybone skyways i think marleybone will be like the one in wizard101 and ''passage is forrbidden by the order of the crown'' i mean, really i think it shold be free -Noble Eric Freeman

Gunner's Mate
Oct 22, 2011
Are you a crown player? Do you have a membership?

One of the reasons someone can not go through stormgates or other skyways, is because they have not completed the quests to have access to those areas. Whether someone is crown, membership, or free-to-play, no access is available and you will be turned back.

Now, if someone had a membership and was able to get a ride on the ship of a friend who is a higher level and has access, or is able to port to that higher level friend, then there isn't a problem.