MMOBomb Free To Play Showdown

First Mate
May 01, 2012
Pirates!! Pirate101 needs our help. On the sign-in page to the game, there is a link to the Vote for Pirate101. Please vote. At the moment (4:07 pm PDT 3/10/14), we are losing at about 3800 votes for Pirate101 to 6600 for the other guy. Let's all vote for Pirate101 and WIN!! Who's with me? YYYAAARR!!

Petty Officer
Jul 22, 2013
Dear forum members I know some of you guys still didn't vote and trust me please vote pirate101 is the best game ever and it deserves to win :(.

Gunner's Mate
Jun 27, 2013
I voted for Pirate101 and saw that there were more votes on the other one. So, get off this website for a while and vote for PIRATE101!!!.