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Mechanov and Tech continued

Jun 26, 2010
During Tech’s time with the Gear Grinders, he soon learned that his instincts were right, that his time with the Gear Grinders only made him darker and he grew to hate the gang leader. It has been over 5 years since Tech was recruited into the Gear Grinders by their boss Scar Gear, what he saw in Tech was that he wore a pair of special gauntlets that could only belong to a powerful technomancer and that he could manipulate Gears to do whatever he wants. Little did Scar Gear know that Tech was one step ahead of him but Tech decided to let him play his little game of fallow the leader for now. Scar Gear was planning on a big score by taking over the capital of the Steam Stream Skyway, Gear City and ruling it from within Mechanov underground .But Scar Gear and his gang weren’t strong enough to pull off something like that, before they recruited Tech. Scar Gear was also a technomancer stronger then his gang, but not as strong as Tech. Scar Gear decided to put his plan to rule Gear City into motion, but what he really wants besides Gear City was to get rid of Tech before he becomes a threat. Tech would tell the gang and Scar Gear that he won’t go along with this plan, furious Scar Gear was he said that he would die if he did not obey him but Tech wasn’t afraid of him. Tech would challenge him for leadership. Knowing Scar Gear never backs down a challenge he would find a way to win. In the past he viciously slaughtered anyone who challenged him or got in his way. In the end, after throwing everything he had at Tech, Scar Gear lost badly, disgraced and humiliated Scar Gear fled from the Steam Stream Skyway and was never heard from again! 1 year has passed since that brawl with Scar Gear, Tech became the Gear Grinders new leader. Things went very well until one day tragedy struck. Tech came back to his hideout to find his gang dead, and didn’t know how that happened. He would have suspected Scar Gear out for revenge but he was gone. Whoever had done it would be found one day, but for now he’d go back to the days of a lowly steampunk. 3 weeks passed after that day, and Tech went around doing what he wanted like a one man band, a lone wolf on the streets of Gear City. Many of the steampunks stayed clear of Tech where ever he went. One day he made away with 100 gold bits at a local store across town and also managed to out run the law with his skills alone. Little did he know that someone was watching him but that was the least of his many problems. 2 days later an alarm went off. Meaning that a war has begun. A war between the two skyways of Mechanov the Steam Stream Skyway & the Rust Valley Skyway. Mechanov is world that never had war until now and Tech knew that war would be a nightmare. He knew had to leave Mechanov. But that was before he met Kane. Kane wanted Tech to join him, and he made an offer Tech couldn’t refuse. Tune in for more. –Deadeye Jack Morgan