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Me in KI Live (KI Live Dreamaction 1)

Dec 11, 2010
In the latest KI live I made an appearance on Camera :D text bubbles sadly were off but all you missed was me being really excited over seeing my #1 favorite Pirate101 and Wizard101 player of all time. Sorry Greyrose but Friendly Necromancer Thomas takes the cake :D (and maybe he ate it to #KICake)

I also popped in with an outfit I will hopefully get in live realm, that being the level 40 witchdoctor crown gear PLUS a level 40 tentacular staff. Also I managed to get one of the packs from the code (no amazing pulls BUT I did get a Frosty Fish on Wizard101)

KI you should totally have me or Chrissy over as a guest star for KI live's ARRRGGGEST :D (was that enough arrr? XD ) or maybe one of the other message board marauders? (Like on the KI live stream that is)
While I couldn't get in on the flappy eagle party (area was full XD) I was able to of course see them in the ranked PVP area, as for the Nautical dungeon my P101 test realm window was refusing to close and also froze so I missed out on that :( but hey watching the stream was fun enough.

P.S. Every KI live for now on I will try to make a wrap up of the stream and my experiences watching the show, name isn't final but I am going to call them "KI Live Dreamaction" for now. That being a pun on reaction but with a Lazy Rachel Webb twist :P (Rachel Dreamsong in Wizard101). Until next time stay adventurous

Jul 16, 2014
Thanks for watching Rachel!

(And don't worry, Friendly is my favorite player too. lol)

*Bonnie Anne, Your Pirate101 Community Manager*
May 10, 2011
Nice! I never got onto camera because I don't have the test realm downloaded lol.
I did also manage to enter the free pack code, and I got a heck kitty on here :3. I didn't really get anything on W101 though.