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Man's Best Friend

Petty Officer
Aug 11, 2013
With all of the hullabaloo about pets, I thought it would be fun to talk about our real life best pals. Feel free to talk about any and all of the animals you live with and love everyday. Give a description, tell a story, rant a little even (if you need to)! I'm curious to hear what everyone has to say.

I'll get the ball rolling:

I currently have three dogs.

Dusty- an old Rottweiler/ Akita mix with melanoma
Buddy- the most unintelligent bichon frise to ever live
Gilda- a German shepherd/ corgi mix with a terrifying bark and a serious fear of balloons and lampshades

I also have a fish,

Hagrid- a red and blue beta fish... he doesn't do much

A guinea pig,

Daisy- a really fat tri color with an internal food clock that goes off at 7 PM sharp every night

A chinchilla,

Aussie- my precious little furball who loves nothing more than to cause mischief and make it look like it was one of the dogs' faults

And a hermit crab,

Gloria- a literal hermit, she never comes out of her shell when people are around; the only way to interact with her is to place your fingernail near her claw and allow her to pinch it, we call this 'enrichment'.

Now that I've introduced you to my family, I can't wait to meet your's!


Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
What a wonderful idea for a post! I have two cats:
Peachey, a part chaussie mix, who had been abandoned at my local vet clinic. She's adorable, loving and smart.
Tigre, an a long haired orange tabby, who showed up one day at my home malnourished and missing an eye.
He had been neutered, so someone must have dumped him near by. Also loving, with a purr that can be heard across a large room.

May 31, 2009
Let's see...

I have two old cats, Astrid and Zelda. They're very antisocial most of the time but they're very sweet cats. Astrid has a strange fascination with my computer, and as I type this she's trying to stand on the keyboard. They're both terrified of plastic grocery bags.

I also have a German Shepherd named Isabel. She's pretty goofy, but she's a wonderful dog. If you tell her to smile, she will! Her bark is fearsome, and she fears none. Except the mop. She knocked it over when she was a puppy and she's been scared of it ever since. And she can't climb stairs! I thought German Shepherds were supposed to be smart.

I also currently have an empty fish tank. There were Glowfish and an algae eater in it, but it got too hot and...yeah.

I do have a blue and yellow beta fish (in his own tank) and he spends his days banging his head on the side of the tank, or floating in the middle of the tank, or swimming in irregular circles around the tank, get it. I used to feed him regularly, but now I keep forgetting to feed him. So every time you walk past he starts going nuts because he thinks you're going to give him food. I call him the Fish with No Name (or just Fish for short) because he has no name. He's a former class pet.