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Apr 24, 2016
sparticus32 on Aug 22, 2017 wrote:
Welcome to pirate101's Rogue Gallery!

subject jack nightingale

weapon of choice: Rookes axe

Not much is known about Jack's early years, but what we know now is amazing and incredibly funny. Jack spent his early years of pirate hood looting ships and gaining glory throughout the spiral. He spent over a year collecting armada elite trophies and even longer collecting golden chickens, as of late he has 6 houses full of them, he has amassed over 300, given them a armada of ships, troops and gear such as weapons, catapults and cars in hopes of invading the spiral and uniting it under one gold chicken empire. in other words he is crazy.

This pirate hopefully doesn't await you and some that do at
HAHA! I love the "this pirate hopefully doesn't await you and some at do" part!

Gunner's Mate
Dec 25, 2015
kingme655 on Aug 6, 2017 wrote:
subject:silent ethan sharp
weapon of choice:magic, guns, blades

He was born in valencia to Kelly and Zachary sharp, he had a lot of friends back in valencia, he also had 4 siblings, Brady, Eric, Madison, and Flint. His entire family was royalty and famous spiral wide for inverting yum yum fruit, clockworks, and life fountains. Ethan then found out his family was all magical and some went to a place called ravenwood others to a place called hogwarts. He quickly became magical due to guidance from his wizarding cousin ryan frostfist. He then decided to leave valencia and travel to cool ranch and mooshu to learn the ways of the cowboys, sammoris, and ninja pigs. He then found out the armada turned against their creators and his family was exiled to many other worlds. He then vowed to stop all armada. He slayed hundreds of thousands of armada troops, including a special elite, knight. He soon got caught and was arrested by the armada to rot in a prison ship for years. Well he was in their he found something about himself, he was part clockwork. Eventually he found a way out of the jail so he got out and freed the rest of the prisoners which were a few warriors from mooshu and, his siblings, then he found his parents died via storm and one member of their crew survived and was on another prison. Together the sharp family vowed to stop the armada, avenge their parents, and restore peace to the spiral.

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New rouges gallery idea!

The story of silent ethan sharp
Written by Shunzang the wise.

Ethan grew up with a perfectly normal family in valencia, that is if you think royalty with a bunch of robot servants is perfectly normal. He has five siblings, brady, madison, flint, eric, and travis though travis is adopted. As a child he was obsessed with dragons, dwarfs, and all things magical. Until he was twelve he lived a perfectly normal royal life, then he and his siblings found a trap door with six odd weapons in it along with nearly endless riches. In the hidden room they saw some of the robots stealing the gold, so as the reckless children they were at the time they attacked the robots with the newfound weapons. After barely beating the clockworks they found there parents were blasted by a storm caused by the clockworks who now called themselves the armada. A kind rat walked into the room and told the sharp’s to go to other worlds in the spiral. So ethan went to krokotopia and battled in the arena. After about a year in krokotopia a mander requested him to go and find the legendary virtuous weapons from mooshu. So ethan set off to mooshu, specifically raven island, to find the weapons. While in raven island ethan heard screaming from a cave so he went in and met five warriors, wu, zang, temujin, keisuke, and wagyu. He saved them from a very large spider that was about to eat them, little did he know they would repay him for his good deed. After finding the powerful weapons ethan went back to krokotopia, only to find it lay in ruins. The armada had attacked krokotopia and then quickly found ethan, they put him in a prison cell and, well, you know the rest of the story.

Mar 24, 2013
Welcome to pirate 101 Rouge's Gallery

Subject : Amber Underwood
Class : pirate
Home : Darkmoor, later moved to Avalon, for a short while to Korkotopia, currently in Skull Island
Weapon of choice : Spooky staff, Shooty on rear occasion

Little is known about Amber's history,born in Darkmoor. Raised in a small gypsy house that often travel place to place, little that she knew she have potential powers to save the world. While in Darkmoor, as a young girl she have learned hexes, charms and hoodoo spells early on. To her amaze when a shade attack, as she grab a staff it shoot mojo energy and the shade was defeated. She traveled in Korkotopia, to learn pit fighting and further improved her spooky skills, she stayed only 6 months.Her family moved to Avalon, for 2 short years life there for her was good. Little she knew her parents were pirates, where betrayed by some pirate groups. It didn't end well as she saw them walk the plank.Then they were attack by the armada clockworks,too shocked to move she was captured. She was imprisoned for two months, she meet Kan Po while she was captured. She was enlighten by Kan Po's teaching, on thire way to Valencia. A pirate and his monkey saved her and Kan Po, she was greeted by Captain Avery and that's how her adventure began.

That's only one of the Spectacular six, until then see you at the sky way and watch out for that dreadnought.