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Lvl 60 weapons

Jan 22, 2013
Every day when I get on I go to the bazaar to look for lvl 60 weapons. There's a grand total of drumroll please. Bum bum bum bum bum bum.... Two. A full armory's worth. Is there only two that can be sold to the bazaar or do I have to farm for others. I'm about to go to Aquila (need to fight Rooke first ugh) and I'm wondering we're I should farm when I get there. That's pretty much it, thanks

Jack nightgale lvl61 buccaneer

Sep 10, 2009
Well since you are a buccaneer here is a list of some interesting weapons for you:
Axe of the Minotaur Lords: Does 167 damage as a lowest. Location: The Labyrinth
Sword of Talos: Same as Axe. Location: Talos
Hyskossos Falchion: Same as Axe. Location: Palace of Troy
Hammer of Anax: Same as Axe. Location: Cithonic Temple
Praetorian Spear: 167? but it has 15% armor piercing. Location: I got it at House of Ulysses ( Ithaca )
Trident: 165 damage. Location: Captain Pluton's ship ( Achean skyway )
Xiphos: 165 damage. Location: Sparta ( Boss drop ) and Zeena

Axe, Sword of Talos, Xiphos, and Falchion are smashy and slashy weapons.