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Lucky Jack Russell and Milo's Promo Ideas

Aug 01, 2011
I'm not gonna talk about his stats i'm just gonna talk about the promotions. How will he be able to avenge the shipwreck I mean Birgus has to avenge that Sky Squid in Aquila. Also Dead Mike has to destroy his whole crew. Milo well we should discuss about him too. So how do you think Jack will avenge the character's parents? Will he find a creature that killed the parents like Birgus? Hmm I really don't have anything that Milo can do. So I made this post to talk about these guys promotion ideas. Oh and two more things before I end this message Gaspard has to avenge the Armada. Maybe you just have to kill one specific person of the Armada maybe Phule or Bishop OR Queen. Also will we all fight the Squid or just the people who picked Sky Squid Death? I really hope we can fight the big monster no matter what we picked.