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looking for help with hydra run

Dec 02, 2009
I'm looking for some help with the hydra it is a real pain and I can't solo it .I'm trying to get thru with my level 69 swash. I have tried and can't find a way to do it . If any one else is going for this quest too let's get together and we may stand a better chance at getting thru it. Any help with this would be appreciated .Just tell me a time and place to meet also what time zone your in so I can know when to be there. Thanks

Nov 21, 2015
Yeah this boss was hard for me as well, if it wasn't for the crown players that you can buy. I wouldn't have made it through. If you're available Saturday I'll help. Look for a lvl 70 swash named Wolf. I'll be in Avery's Court at 12 p.m. (noon) Eastern Time.

Dec 02, 2009
That sounds good to me I have tried 3 times and gave up. I'm in the Morgan LaFitte realm see you there. And Thanks.

Nov 23, 2011
Good luck. I had a swashy make a run at him last night - with a privateer friend for support - but we hit The Bug so had to back out (if The Bug shows, you cannot win); We will try again this weekend. Hopefully you and Pathfinder will jump up and down on its various heads with great diligence and enthusiasm!


Dec 02, 2009
Thank you so much I was so lost with this boss I would have been stuck for ever as it was I was stuck for only 2 months before I asked for help. I know I'm hard headed still that was epic work thank you .just to ask what bug I have 5 more to get thru this .

Sep 19, 2012
wow am glad you got through it ok

maybe i was just lucky? but i soloed it on my swashbuckler 1st time all the way through with no problems.. lets see if i can remember anything helpful.. I wore battle angel's armor and went heavy on armor, i didnt have fog yet so i used hide in shadows and i trained part buccaneer, i had an owl heal from my ring, a blue owl heal team from my pet, bladestorm from my pet and brutal charge from him.. sarah died immediately but my guinea pig and ratbeard stayed true and criticaled often.. this is before they added special trainers in and also before they fixed the bug..not sure if any of this helps anyone, just thought I'd share just in case..

stormy jen silver