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List your side companion backstories here!

Gunner's Mate
Apr 01, 2013
We know our main companions' backstories, so why don't we make up our own for our side companions!

Here's my backstory for Harvey "Weasley" Bass.

Weasley went to a saloon in Cool Ranch once, and was challenged to a game of cards by English Bill. Weasley won against Bill, who was currently known as an expert card player. Bill was angered so much, that he turned to a criminal life, and wanted total vengeance upon Weasley. Later on, Weasley spent the cash he earned from his card game on a deck for himself. He then went to Wasp Cave to make a case out of the cave's rocky walls. However, he ended up never coming out. Some say he died in there.

A few days later, a talented Buccaneer named Mark Laveer went into the cave, braved the Blood Hornet fleet, and saved Weasley from the cave. The duo went to Bison Village to get some medicine for Weasley's sting, and then they suddenly became friends.

Well? How do you like that?

Feb 20, 2010
Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah was born in the Hooplah tribe of troggys in Skull Mountain. After getting trapped in a Monquistan skiff as just a young troggy, he showed up at the isle of Doom. He quickly rose to the top ranks of the priesthood. after becoming leader, he made a pact with the Greenskin troggy trbies after uniting the Hooplah and the other local tribe, the Ooch. he made friends with Big Hair when he and the Little hairs arrived. A bit after, he found a Little Hair who he could tell was up to no good. He did what his people do when someone who is not your pal is up to no good: eat them! After i gave him a sound whupping, he decide to join me so he could see the world and meet other frogs.