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Krokotopian Origin Pirates

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
This is something I've been wondering about for a while; who raised the Krok pirate? If you check your character sheet, you'll see that a Krok origin pirate was "raised in the desert sands of Krokotopia", there is no mention of who raised them.
Whereas, for other pirates, you know who raised them - Skull Island ( Wharf Rats ), MooShu ( Ninja Pigs ), Marleybone ( Dogs ) & Grizzelheim ( Bears ).
In Wizard101, Krokotopia consists of the Oasis and a Mander village called Zigazag. The main creatures of the Oasis are Manders, Kroks, & Dogs of the Marleybone Expeditionary Force.
So, I'm asking Krokotopian pirates - who do you think raised your pirate? Was it one of the 3 species I mentioned or another race in another part of Krokotopia?
Here's my Krok pirate:
Silver Isis Raised by a Storm origin Mander family in ZigaZag. Remember that the Manders were divided by color based on service to the 3 Houses; Purple ( Storm ), Blue ( Ice ) & Orange ( Fire ). Green was the common color of Manders who didn't serve any House.

Nov 23, 2011
The Desert Monkeys of Al-Kabloomie!!


Feb 14, 2014
I feel like I was raised by a Krokotopian shaman. Almost like Alhazred the Balance teacher.

May 14, 2013
Mine would be raised by kroks- it makes sense as they would teach me my 'spooky' powers.

Mar 29, 2013
I've never thought about it because I couldn't get past the tutorial on wizards (didn't like it, sorry - pirates is much more enigmatic) so I have no reference point as to what could be in Krok. Those mana-glawoozies you said went over my head, haha.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
HelenaQ on Dec 15, 2015 wrote:
I've never thought about it because I couldn't get past the tutorial on wizards (didn't like it, sorry - pirates is much more enigmatic) so I have no reference point as to what could be in Krok. Those mana-glawoozies you said went over my head, haha.
Let your imagination soar! You're lucky that you don't have a reference point for Wizard101 for that. All you need to know is Krokotopia is based on the ancient Egyptian culture.

Jul 27, 2012
I agree, Esperanza, it is fun to have a little leeway in deciding the nature of your foster family in your home world.

So for my Krokotopian-raised pirate, Anneke Nightingale, I imagined that she was initially taken in by a Mander family that had been close friends of her parents. She spent her middle childhood in the humble, noisy, and affectionate surroundings of an extended Mander family and neighbors in a small village. When she was a little older, a Krok examiner noted her magic talent, and she was sent away to be trained for the Arena by a respectable Krok couple. (The Kroks being the rulers, they could get away with such high-handed tactics. They also had the very good sense to compensate the Mander family for the loss of their fosterling with honors and extra funds, as well as to permit Anneke to visit her village family for the month-long New Year festival every year)

Thus Anneke's late childhood was spent in the elegant surroundings of a well-to-do Krok home. Her new foster parents were formal and rather austere, but truly affectionate in their own way. Here Anneke learned not only combat magic, but all the elements of a good education favored by the Krok elite. However, as Anneke progressed into her teenage years, she came into frequent conflict with her Krok foster parents over the morality of fighting in the Arena for the entertainment of others.

Eventually, after a particularly angry exchange, Anneke left home in a huff, joining a travelling Marleybonean acting troupe that had been catering to the Marleyboneans presently in residence in Krokotopia. Anneke made herself a welcome member of the troupe dancing or doing magic tricks for interludes, until one day the troupe chose the wrong place to have a member performing even the most harmless of magics, an island controlled by the Armada...

Aug 19, 2011
Hehe, I love this kind of stuff.

I have three Krokotopian Pirates - one from each account. Their backstory, however, is a little dark. This is how I imagined my pirates:

Fiery Aurora Zabra, Wicked Hazel Vane, and Savannah Veldon (all Witchdoctors) were born in Krokotopia, but each and every one became orphans almost immediately, because their parents were either too poor, too sick (dying from some kind of disease), or both to take care of them. There was a nice orphanage that was owned by a kind old Krok who would take these children in, nurse them to health (as many of these children were very sickly), and raise them - with the aid of a fairly aged Mander and a Marleybonean nurse. The Krok knew magic, and would often perform magic tricks to make the children feel better. The children - or the majority, rather - grew an interest in magic and wanted to learn. Some wanted to use their magic for the greater good, while others... for their own monkeyshines. Nonetheless, the Krok was more than happy to teach them.

Couple of years passed and the Krok passes due to old age. Immediately after the Krok's death, all of the children were taken in by a couple of vile Kroks who owned a villa somewhere in the desert. They shut down the orphanage and gave Krok's old assistants the boot. The children were forced to work and serve the wealthy Krok family. They were given only small rations of food at least two times a day, rarely ever three. And those who possessed magical abilities were forced to fight in the arenas for their house's name while the other children who didn't were forced to work even more. If they refused to fight or work, they would be punished. If their work was done incorrectly, they would be punished. If they ever tried to escape, they would be severely punished. Only a few were lucky enough to escape.

One night, after finally having enough, the three girls tried to escape. Aurora and Hazel were able to get away, Savannah, unfortunately, did not make it...

Petty Officer
Sep 02, 2015
Hey there Pirates!
For Clever Fergus Hawkins, my witchdoctor, I feel he was raised in the Grand Arena by Nirini gladiators. When his parents were lost in a shipwreck, Lucky Jack Russell secretly smuggled him to Krok because he had old friends there. He was born and bred to duel, and that was what made him such a great spell caster. In the Krok Arena, they gave him much knowledge of magic. But once the Armada raided the arena and caught Fergus using HooDoo, and then they imprisoned him in the brig with Boochbeard and Gandry. Well, the rest is history, as they say...

Sep 08, 2015
Amber was most likely trained by Alhazred. Then the Armada saw the danger of Amber's power, and so, they took her parents captive. No one knows where her parents truly are, but Amber is destined to find them, along with her sister Fiona. They both don't know their true origins, everything is just a guess, wich seems the most likely to be true. That's why they think that their parents might know the true answer to their birthplace.

Annoying Amber lvl 42 and lower level
Fiona Dreamer lvl 41 Master Thaumaturge (Ice school) and lower level Balance, Necromancer, Diviner, Conjurer and Pyromancer (I swear i remembered all of wich i remembered)