Petty Officer
Sep 26, 2014
Ahoy there, maties! The one world I've been wanting since the game came out has been Krokotopia. My thoughts on the quests if they DO add it:

Avery says: "Welcome back, been a while hasn't it? A friend of mine who lives in Krokotopia has a little bit of... trouble. Go talk to Mordekai and ask him for safe passage to Krokotopia's Stormgate" Then you go to Mordekai and he gives you a permit, and you go to Port Regal once again and get the Windstone, then be on your way to Krokotopia. When you get there, you are greeted by a Krokotopian slave, and he gives you a forbidden key to the catacombs, which you proceed to go through to get an amulet that the person that Avery mentioned wants to do a spell to raise his dead grandfather to tell him information about a gang called the Sun Children and their evil schemes to take over Krokotopia and then the rest of the Spiral. His grandfather says they are currently after a spellbook that will lead them to El Dorado without needing to sail there, and once you get there, you are welcomed by the Clockworks then fight a horde of them, you defeat them and proceed to the spellbook, only to find out that the book has been burnt! You return to the spirit of the grandfather and he says that luckily the Sun Children cannot get there anytime soon. Then you go to the Pyramid of El Nar, and once again are greeted by the Clockworks, this time you see them having a bargain with the Sun Children. Then you defeat them, then proceed to the heart of the pyramid. You find an entrance to another catacombs, and you get an ancient statue which is worth enough to get you a new weapon. Once you complete the dungeon, you go to the grandfather's spirit and then you level up and get a new Krokotopian weapon. These are the weapons you get:

(Buccaneer: Spear of El Nar. Privateer: Set of El Maa. Swashbuckler: Blades of El Reyah. Musketeer: Crossbow of A Thousand Arrows. Witchdoctor: Staff of El Shlaka.)

Note: Some of the words I've said are Egyptian, and El Nar means fire, El Maa means water, El Reyah means wind, and Shlaka is the name of the first catacombs you go through to get the amulet. Tell me what you think, and safe sailing!

Jul 07, 2013
Sing praises to aten the sole god who rises and gives life to the black land. The sole provider of the field who created the world by thy great design. All who go on two legs, and four legs, or those who fly by the wing praise thy goodness. He who is everywhere but nowhere rules all, not only the land of Kemet but the entire spiral. We humbly bow before you and honor the great king lord of the two lands the most beautiful and sole one of him Ahkenaten may he live forever.

Dante Ramsey who's word is truth wishes thy king life, prosperity, and health and longs and thirsts for home. For once one has drank of the water of life his thirst can not be quenched by any other land.

Virtuous Dante Ramsey