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KI Moblie Live Team Game #2: AlphaCat review

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
I just saw a video about KI's Mobile Live Team's next game, & although I admire it being total 2D, I can honestly say it's looking neat. I still won't forget W101 & P101, though, even with their Mobile Live Team still making more games.

The gameplay is fine, even though it's mechanics resemble those from a touchscreen's, the game's graphics & art style are bright & whimsical as ever, & the storyline, while fine, is quite admirable, & I hope it will be ongoing post-launch through content updates.

Only thing to say about that is, hope they will keep doing content updates to Rise and Destroy once it get's launched to the public. Nice to have another game on their plate. However, they may still have to keep updating their current ones, too.

I can presume there's going to be promotional items made in either W101 or P101 to promote that game soon.

KI, nice new mobile game your Mobile Live Team made! Keep up with them, even though I, & others, don't have to play them as many do, while the MMO Live Team still keeps doing updates to W101 & P101 & maybe make more MMOs in their plate someday.

1 more thing, different from this.

KI, if more mobile games are made, your KI Live episodes should be branched into MMO Episodes, those for KI's MMO games, & Mobile Episodes for mobile games, instead of doing them in one episode.

Jul 23, 2013
I honestly don't play mobile games anymore, but I tried out AlphaCat and I thought it was pretty cool. The vibe was really unique. Although, I just wish Pirate got some more content quicker. Hopefully a Spring Update is in the forecast....