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KI, Good luck on getting your games on Steam!

Sep 22, 2014
I hope to see this happen to the "main" KI games like Wizard and Pirate101. I was hoping that in the future Pirate101 will reach Steam and be successfully runable on mobile! This would be a great addition to Pirate101 and more players would be able to play, not to mention that you could play Pirate101 on the go with data! So the question is, KI, are you having plans about putting Pirate101 and Wizard101 on mobile?

Also, I would like to add, since Grub Guardian, (you can train your pet on mobile) will there be something like this in P101 in the meantime (like a pet rooster and a companion management app?) I've seen another post on the Message Boards about this idea, and this is great.

For everyone working at Kingsisle,

Good luck in the future!

Generous Blaze Jackson -- Level 70
Valdus SpellCaster -- Level 70 Storm in W101.

Mar 18, 2009
Yeah, but think about this; How would Kingsisle make this work? Would they move w101 and p101 on Steam ONLY or would we still be able to log in with the original launchers. Secondly, would you still be able to play with friends who play on steam if you play on the original launcher? Cause I really don't want to make a Steam account and spend money on steam as well to keep it running.

~ Dead-eye Wolf Silver lvl 55 Privateer