Kane vs. Morganthe: Who'd Win?

Nov 15, 2010
If Kane get's his court Morganthe would probably just find the second in command she had in Azteca (name withheld to not spoil the surprise). Please note that this being was completely immune to any attack. The only way the player in Wizard101 survived the battle with him was due to a borderline deus ex mechina, and he's presumably still alive. Nothing in Kane's court would be prepared to handle just him, let alone the two of them.

Also remember that the random mammoths were a trick she had back in her early teens. She's probably learned a few new and nastier ones since then.

Also those talking about Morganthe being a thousand years old, check where you got that from. I don't think she's even fifty (I'd be surprised if she's even over forty) going off the fact that there are a few characters from Avalon that are not wizards but are still alive (and some still even fairly young looking) despite being around when Morganthe was at oldest seventeen.

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Aug 02, 2011
I would say that Kane would go down wizards can use all spells and could keep Kane and his army at a very far distance so they Musketeers couldn't even hit and then they would destroy Kane. Simple. Easy.

Sep 18, 2010
This is my first time using the Message Boards and I've been observing the hottest topics or topics that are of interest to mwah...and I've observed a lot of interesting and creative ideals, ideas, topics, and points. And so, I figured it's time I get a chance to express myself since KingsIsle has failed to realize that even "crown players" have ideas and ideals they'd like to express (I dearly hope they change that rule). Personally this topic is quite interesting as Finnigan whom I've noticed it quite the philosopher. And in my opinion, both sides would be evenly matched. Reason? Kane is a Clockwork invented by a brilliant mind whom wishes to rid the Spiral of magic and pirates(perhaps even fairies, knights, ninjas, etc.) and in order to do so he needs to find El Dorado(the city of gold) which has the power to do such wish and Morganthe is an evil queen that even in mythology outsmarted the wise Merle. However, she as far as I understand knows "Card Magic" one of the lowest forms of magic in my understanding and that doesn't seem powerful enough to destroy a much more "mobile" machine. Though, Kane isn't as grand himself for he can only obtain so much knowledge and power before someone or something destroys him... so, regardless both sides have weaknesses and advantages.

Oct 15, 2012