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Kane the it Kane the Keen!?

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
I thought I'd share this interesting find that I stumbled upon when battling Kane.

Now it most certainly wasn't done intentionally or by design. But if you look closely at Kane's attire, more specifically his jacket and even more specifically his gold trimming on his jacket-- you can make out some patterns that resemble letters. So start from the left side of his collar, go down the left side of his jacket, all the way to the bottom of it. The best way to view it is when you enter the 'Razing Kane' instance with Gazpaccio and Kane is above us, up by the machine. From this down below viewpoint you could also read the "letters" from bottom to top.

Reading top to bottom you can make out M-E-E-K...or MEEK. From bottom to top you could interpret the patterns as K-E-E-N...or KEEN. So Kane, or should I say his clothing, is trying to send us pirates a message in a battle, that he would like to be referred to as Kane the Meek, or Kane the Keen.

Well I guess we do subdue him and he involuntarily becomes submissive to us. So the 'MEEK' could fit, once we are good and done with him. Or conversely he is rather fitting of one of the definitions for keen-- 'sharp and penetrating'. I mean many of us have felt just how sharp and penetrating his Deadly Frenzy can be. So perhaps the 'KEEN' could work, as well.

I just thought it was a funny find when the "letters" kind of popped out at me. So I thought that I would share it. I often find something out of "unintentional nothings" and am always looking for neat/odd things like that.

Here's some screenshots I took, where you can make out the patterns that could be interpreted as letters.