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Just wanted to say...

Feb 29, 2012
Hello, Pirates, Kingisle, and anyone else who may be reading this, how are you doing? I just felt like saying somethin' about the message boards and the game...

I'm really happy this game exists. It was so much better than suffering some some bullies I was dealing with in Wizard, and I can almost say I love this game better. I've also made tons of awesome friends! Darby, Haley, Zachary, Amber, Cody, and Ellie are just a few to name. Thanks to ya, KI, and I hate to sound all weird, but I'm glad you presented these two awesome games!

As for the message boards, it's fun to post thoughts on the game, enjoy chattering or discussing a matter, or just having fun. (Especially for the six week SKYWAY RESTRICTION!)

I'm not a softie, so lemme just say that I thank ya all for makin' a computer game a lot more fun than it seems... -blushes and sips tea- I AM NOT A SOFTIE!

Bonnie comments with a smirk, "Ye totally are, Captain."

I said I'm NOT! Uh, what was that? Oh yea, ciao!

Community Leader
I have to say I agree! Kingsisle did an amazing job with Pirate101! Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself in game and on the message boards :)

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Well said and I harrrrtaly agree. What I thought was just gonna be another game has become my doorway to so many dear friends that very much care about me. It is so good to visit with them and help them with needs in their lives by giving advise or praying for them or helping them to forget their woes by smacking around a few bad guys. When I think of signing on it's not the game itself that draws me. Although I thoroughly enjoy the game and am thrilled with its superb quality and marvelous writing wit, and I am so delighted with all the communicating I do with the 'board' gang, It's the people I come for. We all care and it shows. x huge group hug and a round of Yum to all x

Nov 23, 2011
It is a really nicely-deigned and animated game. I enjoy it (and Wizards too) tremendously.