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It just occurred to me ...

Apr 20, 2013
The Armada are clockworks, right? Clockworks are just old-fashioned ways of saying robot. Then doesn't that mean the Armada would either A- Slowly die out as pirates everywhere just wreck them up and their population decrease with no means to repopulate them or B- The Clockworks can simply build/rebuild each other?

B sounds like a lot more realistic idea to me. After all, Kane was said to be the "faster, stronger, and better than any living being". And I am assuming the first unknown genius who built the Armada is a living thing, so that probably means Kane or any other higher ranking/intelligence Armada member can easily build more of themselves or repair those who are destroyed. Kane could easily patch up Deacon after our little encounter with him at Cool Ranch ... or maybe even rebuild him. What do you think?