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Inspiration for Pirate101?

May 01, 2010
Have you seen or heard stories from movies and books that you thought would work perfectly in Pirate101? KI has already made references from Old-Western stories for Cool Ranch, Godzilla vs Jet Jaguar parody for Mooshu, The Iliad and The Odyssey for Aquila, etc. I have seen two movies (off the top of my head) that I know would be great to make a parody for in Pirate101.

This movie has sooooo much potential. The main villain, the autopilot (Auto), is programmed with an A113 "directive"; to keep humanity aboard the Axium, to remain in space, and to never return to Earth. This is highly comparable with the Armada. The Armada, just like Auto, was given a primary directive that became the absolute focus of their actions, which virtually backfires and "corrupts" them. Though, what the Armada thinks is in El Dorodo that will help them achieve their directive is still a mystery at this point.

Not The Last Airbender, but James Cameron's production featuring the Na'Vi of Pandora. This definitely has potential should we ever visit Azteca, another undiscovered world in the Spiral, or perhaps El Dorodo itself. The Armada would be in this world destroying islands, either looking for another piece of the map or mining for something to help them find it. Our pirate would then show up and discover the Armada activity. We would have to earn the trust of the native peoples, eventually becoming one of them, and help them in a war to drive the Armada away (or destroy them if this happens near the end of the story arch). What really got me thinking was when Jake Sully (from the movie) becomes a hunter and is ready to choose, and be chosen by, an Ikran and is then bonded with it for life. I would love for this concept to be brought to P101, where our pirate would have to face off one-on-one with a creature to pass the final test to "become one of the people". Upon defeating the creature (no matter what class you are), our pirate would earn a badge that would give us the creature as a permanent mount. Not a crown shop unlockable, the actual mount for FREE (we already have three pets that are earned through earning a badge so why not at least one permanent mount).

So those are my ideas, what do you think and what other references would be great for Pirate101? I really hope my badge-earned free mount idea makes it to the game (PLEASE!!! )

May 01, 2010
Well, it seems from the lack of replies in this much time that this thread was swept under the rug too quickly. Hopefully I might be able to reopen the chance of a response with another suggestion for movie-inspiration.

This could be a case similar to our screw-up starting the war with Marleybone and the Armada. In this case, perhaps in our attempt to get another piece of the El Dorodo map, our pirate blindly rushes into battle in an Armada stronghold; maybe not Cadiz but some other area heavily populated by those clockworks. In our foolish rush, we only just escape with our lives when we are rescued by the leader of the Valencian opposition, but not before losing an important object critical to the opposition, or worse, our pieces of the map. After returning to the opposition stronghold, we are scolded for our foolishness, jeopardizing the resistance and the fate of Valencia, and are therefor banished from the resistance or even Valencia itself. Therefor, we must prove ourselves worthy once again, perhaps by defeating another elite and reclaiming what we lost.

Hope I can get some feedback this time.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 16, 2012
There are so many movies & books that can inspire KI ( and we know what a well-read bunch they are ).
How about a version of Dante's Inferno? Travel into the Underworld to consult a spirit, we would need the permission of Hades, of course.
Lakes of fire or zones of desolate ice, undead of all kinds to fight, etc.