i'm sorry but...

Jun 26, 2013
i'm sorry but i regret playing the half the tutorial i did of this game. i know it's new but the character faces look like the characters are inhuman, the origin stories would make my 10 year old step brother hate the game, and simply, the battle system seems so overcomplicated it's to the point of being unnecessary. i am a huge fan of your other games kingsisle and a very long time player, but this game seems like it would make the target audience for wizard101 hate it. also, the prices for the chapters would require you to spend a small fortune for the entire game. wizard101 was a bit expensive but they stayed reasonable. pirate101 has gone about ninety miles over the top on the prices. if you must ban me for this go ahead, but frankly, i'm very disappointed with the work you did on pirate101.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Don't be silly, you can not and would not be banned for stating an opinion. That's what these boards are for, to state our opinions, to ask questions, to help others and to just say fun and silly thing to make others love being here. As long as you are polite about it any opinion is welcome here.