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If you can learn your companions fighting style

Gunner's Mate
Nov 14, 2013
Hello me fellow pirates of the spiral so witch would you choose
Would you learn the way of the hero by El toro
Or learn fencing by Sara Steel
learn pirating by Rat Beard
learn how to be a navel officer by jack or emmett
learn the ways of Mooshu by your starter companion
learn the ways of hoodo by old scratch or mormo
Or learn about and how to shoot guns by Bonnie Anne
Witch would you choose have another learning by a companion post it fair sailing friends

Gunner's Mate
Nov 27, 2009
i would want to learn the way of ratbeard's fighting,

it would be super funny to be slapping the armada

Gunner's Mate
Jul 08, 2013
i would learn egg shen''s awesome fighting moves or ratbeards crazy fighting moves

Jun 26, 2010
I'd choose the brawli'n style of Fan Flanders she maybe small, but her skills are matched that to Sarah Steele and are only second too that of Morgan Lafitte her self.

- Deadeye Jack Morgan

Dec 13, 2008
sadly I know everything and more than old scratch and mormo. unless they hiding something from me...

Jun 08, 2012
I would choose Old Scratch, so my swashbuckler could wear the Baron Samedi's Mask and be able to reanimate fallen foes!