If you are playing to much pirate101

May 17, 2011
Then you are...
10. Dreaming about it (me: guilty)
9. Say, "Go fall of the spiral!" to your friend when he/she makes a joke about you. (again, I am guilty!)
8. You find yourself staring at an eggplant and thinking: Yum yum fruit! SCORE!
7. Whenever you go on a ship, you see sky instead of ocean
6. You see an albino buffalo and say to it, "Fiend! I HATE white bufaloons!"
5. You stop playing wizard101 to play pirate101 (guilty again, but I do miss wiz101)
4. Spying a fencing studio, you burst in and start searching for sarah steele.
3. When you toss a coin into a fountain or blow away an eyelash, you wish that you could just beat that one boss...
2. Pirate101 is as important to you as your homework/work, maybe more, so you do it while playing
1. You have carefully and painstakingly fight troggies and other weak mobs using srah steele's critical attack to study her footwork and try to find a fencing strategy in it. And then you find one and do it irl. (I started fencing after seeing Diego The Duelmaster in wizard101, and went into tournaments after seeing sarah steele. I am extremely guilty here!)

Ok, those were out of order, but still! Let's grow this thread!

-Dark Amber