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If pirate101 mixed with other games

Dec 06, 2012
Every class has their strengths and weaknesses. But what about other games?
: Tf2

And low on health: Privateer! Privateer! (x7) Privateer: Why does this happen

: Minecraft
: Hey Can I have potions? : No. : Hey can I have summons? : No. : Well can I have that teleport move? : No, because I am like that in other games does not mean I can do that in this game. * Throws command blocks * Go have fun.

: Roblox

: Okay team, I am using walk in darkness. Let's g- Sniper player: Sniping is a good job mate.
: Oh man we have name tags. Sarah steele: Use knife throw. : Well okay. Here goes. * Epic win for team swashbuckler *

The rest is up to you. What are the weaknesses in other game form for s and s? PS: If you make this into an actual video. Please give credit.