Ideas about new card packs?

Feb 04, 2012
Hey there!

I was just curious about our games fan base ideas on what a fun card pack would be filled with! I'd love to hear all of your opinions! As for me, I would love to see a card pack incorporating an animal theme! It could contain some animal companions like dogs, cats, etc.. In it there could be a new variety of fresh new pets? Let me hear your ideas!

Alexander Nightingale

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
I think a Polarian ship-equipment pack would be awesome. We've had packs with mounts and pets and still no pack with great ship equipment. There are many models in Wizard101 for Polarian companions, like the polar bears and penguins, numbskull ogres, treants, etc.

Ship equipment that is super cool with unique effects would be a great draw for those who love sailing their ships through the skyways.

Jun 26, 2010
A Cool Ranch Hoard Pack be nice. Outfits, Weapons, Loot and much More!

- Deadeye Jack Morgan
- Deadeye Edward Morgan
- Deadeye Tatiana Morgan