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idea for new world (Blind Mew please read)

Petty Officer
Apr 15, 2010
So i always loved otters and sloths so lets make a world where barny and Emmett lived.

Emmett probably went to marelybone but that doesn't mean he was born there so this world will be called slowtermus!(slow-ter-mus) slo= sloth like barney oter= otter like Emmett and mus sot its not just sloter!

this will be a world where it's like a rain forest and the main plot is one of the el dorado crew went into hiding there and clock works are burning down the forests and capturing natives the main parts will be like huge tree houses with rope bridges connecting the trees and the otters live in a huge wall fortress built on top of a giant like and they are readying the defences (The final battle could be the armada laying siege to it) and everyone will get companions in teh world

get a sloth guy who has a blow dart gun(like troggy hunts men) and a machete type thing he will be shooty/slashy (may be the first one ever) (Male)

an otter like Emmett but with a rifle and less formal clothing and has a rifle (female)

get a rabbit like one eyed jack (they have colonies under ground) but with two knifes and two eyes (male)

get a sloth who is conjured by a evil spirit the sloth is a unique color and unique voice. (male or female i don't know)

get a tiger spear man (one of the main enemy's who attack trade caravans you know the whole help us and we help you business) who you fight as a boss and he joins you.

the names are uncertain and these guys i hope would promote blind mew if you read this tell me what you think and if anyone wants to post there world ideas feel free to do so

Kai Sawkins 28