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I must ask.. W101, or P101? ...

Oct 12, 2012
NumbBears on Mar 21, 2013 wrote:
Which is your favourite?
I absolutely adore them both, I've been playing W101 for a very long time now... and P101 since it was released. But I am curious to your preference... if there is one!

For me, P101... the game play, companions... I struggle more and strangely I prefer that. But W101 storyline and worlds steal my heart. I am truly torn... although I play P101 almost exclusively atm.

I've also struggled to meet friends on P101, which is okay as I prefer to solo but I do miss human friendship.

W101 for me, has more of a community.. but P101 excites me more.

Over to you
ok p101 is 100 times hard in marleybone you know that this gang of wolf has been ANNOYING ME SO MUCH!
p101 needs to reduce the difficulty low like up to my health because it is soo hard and i rage quit p101 since its so hard! plz reduce diffculty!
Benjamin lvl 53 swashbuckler
and w101 i love it. Its very easy but in dragonspyre, i'm nearly finished it i just need membership so me and my brother can finish it .
benjamin lvl 46
difference:w101 has more heals then pirate101, pirate101 takes like 10 mins per battle ( which wastes a lot of time) w101 takes 5 mins per battle to finish, w101 gets training points each when they reach 4 lvls. p101 has companions. wizard101 has not. p101 has chest and w101 does not
i pefer that wizard101 is 100 times better than pirate 101 because has lots of gold mounts in the crown shop u can buy.
thats it.

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No one can ever make me decide. I like Wizard101 for the amazing housing , so much as been added over the 4 years that housing as been out. With tournaments, I can buy furniture I thought was never possible. Kudos KI.

Pirate101 I like the ships, Oh my word ships , ships and more ships. I know Pirate101 is only a year old and What we have for housing is already awesome. I see so much more in the future! *cough* Can I have a tatami mat please ;) Never can seem to find them. I cannot wait to decorate new types of houses , new furniture and last but never least SHIPS!

P.s Looks for a MB car 2 person mount in either game. Hint hint ;) Puts off on her pennyfarthing wearing shades.

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Feb 20, 2010
Zlyxer on Mar 23, 2013 wrote:
P101 I left W101 for reasons Kingsisle i'm not blaming you I just think that the schools are overpowered. PvP is pretty much in my opinion is kind of useless. Then people lose to a certain school then say its overpowered. Balance. My old school on W101. I like P101 because I don't have to add people for them to help me I can just be there solo with my companions, the story is really good I love Dead Mike's story its just amazing. The ships are awesome I love the game packs too. So pretty much P101.
P101 also does a better job of not making a late-level street fight be a boss battle length battle. (hem, hem AZTECA)

Apr 26, 2009
i love both but i have had enough wizard101 for my life...

Feb 20, 2010
it's odd. In game, W101 has more of a community, but I spend almost as much time on P101 as it's awesome, very alive boards, while Wizzy's are ghost towns.

Jul 06, 2012
I would say I prefer P101 for the storyline, the companions, and every single thing. Except the memories. My first battles versus lost souls and skeletal pirates. Casting FireCat and others one-pip attacks. When I was like "Wow he did 200!" And than with the 3 roads. I used to play in French so we all had open chat, and this is much better than the chat in P101. We had much more liberty, we could express ourselves, but their were few people: Only 3 realms. And also, in French, I didn't have to pay something: all was free until Celestia. Celesta was the first paying world. Than, after a year of French W101, it became paying everywhere, but I had already defeated Malistaire. Even my memories of the first Cheaters of W101 are great. The Cheaters! One of the best thing in the game! The Cheaters of P101 are not like this. In W101, it was so fun to discover their rules! But I would say that the idea of P101 is awesome, and Companions, and the storyline is just truly perfect. So, forgetting the memories, I prefer P101. And by the way companion promotions are just like quests for getting new spells in W101: Annoying but exciting!

Noble Nicholas Nichols level 65 and proud to be!

Nov 11, 2012
I love Wizard 101... But it isn't working very well on my computer... All my characters look fat LOL.
I Wizard101 because:
-Monsters. They are cool.
-Pets. They are cool.
-Minigames. They are easy.

I Pirate101 because:
-Companions. They add a twist to the storyline and the whole way the gameplay works.
Also I'm a weenie and can't win battles without a few fellows helping me that's a big play over W101 for me.
-Battles. They are cool, strategic, fun, interesting, and NON-REPETITIVE (let's here an AMEN to that). I like it better than Wizard101 battling.
-The Community... I love the developers and people around here they are all awesome, helpful, and great at what they are doing.
I also love people helping you and helping others, but it doesn't go to the point where there are too many people to even see where the monsters.
I think it's obvious which I like more

Brass Leo Hornigold - Level 43 Swashy
And over on Wizard I'm like level 23 or so...

May 21, 2012