i keep crashing

Jan 20, 2014
I love to play pirates but i keep crashing, it used to happen once a day and when i logged back it was all good, but yeasterday and today i keep trying and it crashes my computer, i tried it on my laptop and is the same problem. i dont know what to do

Apr 28, 2012
After making sure that my computers met the required minimum for playing Pirate101, I would make sure that I was not running any other programs on my computer while trying play Pirate101. After that, I recommend contacting Pirate101 at support@pirate101.com and include your account name and, if it is happening only on one or two Pirates, your Pirate names that this is happening on. Explain the situation and I think they will be able to help you or at least make suggestions for you to try.

Good Luck.

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
Welcome to the message board Curiousliz.
The Helpful Pirate's advice is solid. Those guys in support know their stuff. They can help you send them info from your computer and they can tell you just what is causing the problem. Several years and computers ago they were able to tell me my video card needed more RAM. It fixed things right up when I put in a better card.
I look forward to meeting you in the skyway once they figure things out for ya.