I HATE Pigs.

Dreamy Dreamer
May 02, 2009
I hate Inoshishi bandits! They critical WAY too much, do high damage, and are just plain annoying with their victory laugh! Even when Old Scratch gets a ton of criticals, his awesomeness goes away for a few rounds. I wish I could roast them over a fire and them eat them

Honey Buncher
Sep 08, 2008
Hehe, I am sure they have a supply of delicious pork from their food storage that they might be willing to share with you. IF you don't eat them, that is. xD

Be Mine Beginner
May 17, 2011
By the swords of Ham, Pork, and BACON!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, best wizard101 spell ever.. I want to eat the ninja pigs, too.

-Dark Amber

Be Mine Beginner
Jun 06, 2011
Be Mine Beginner
Feb 03, 2013