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I had a realization about Advanced Pets!

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Last month, we had Advanced Pets in Pirate101, which is in May 2014, and it was amazing to have Advanced Pets for Pirate101, making them more than simple combat allies they once were. Then, I had remembered that Wizard101 released Advanced Pets around 4 years ago in May 2010, and it was enjoyable for Wizards to train their pets to become an ally in their duels, instead of them sitting on the sidelines.

As I looked back on each games' release dates on patch updates for Advanced Pets, I had a realization that these updates were released on the same month, especially if it was years apart. Wizard101 had Advanced Pets in May 4 years ago, and Pirate101 had Advanced Pets in May last month. It's quite clear that these Advanced Pets updates were somewhat released in one same month... but only by a few weeks apart from their dates.

Isn't that an odd coincidence or what? Didn't anyone noticed this? I didn't even noticed that sooner, even if it was before Pirate101 had Advanced Pets. What do you say about this?