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I Got It! I GOT IT!!!

Dec 21, 2009
anecorbie on Apr 19, 2017 wrote:
Those who know me, know I've been farming Miranda for quite awhile. And until this moment Captain Blood's Jacket was the only drop of this dungeon to elude me.
In all the times I farmed Miranda, I never used Treasure Bath or any other doubloon; I was saving those for more "important" dungeons.
So, thanks to a recent post saying that TB lowered chances of getting a drop, I decided to use TB in the Blood battle ( how much lower than zero could my chances get? )
Wellll my friends, I used TB and in my second run of the night I FINALLY got Blood's Jacket!
I'm hoping this proof will bury that rumor of TB lowering drops once and for all!
But it probably won't.
Wow, just, just wow.

I tend to be stupidly lucky and get what I aim for within ten runs, but I feel so bad and happy at the same time for you. Nice job! Your determination was worth it!

You headin' to Disney World next?