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I don't normally do this but...

Jan 22, 2013
We'll like I said I don't normally do this but, I guess I just so feel happy (because I'm not what you would call a good gamer.) that I want to say I finally finished the game! It took me since when it first came live (yup that long, but of course I took breaks here and there) and now I beat it one my starting PC. And just in time since the update should come any time now. My accomplishments include farming for days on end to get the armadillo verde pet just to find out my other pet is better. Doing all the side quests in every world except cool ranch and Aquila. Other stuff I can't remember but most importantly making lots of friends (one of which I know on three different pirates who two I met accidentally.) and helping them ALLOT! But it was all worth it in the end and now I have more time to help people on here and in the game. (And maybe make it to a party or two if it's not to early or late.) that's all I have to say and until next time

-Jack nightgale lvl 65 buccaneer