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I choose you for the spooky war of skeleton-ness

Oct 15, 2012
hello,as you know,birth-o-ween is coming,i am hiring mercenaries and other pirates to destroy zombies and spooky scary skeletons all around the spiral. here's the job info
Destroy:Aztecosaur Blood Lords,Aztecosaur,Mummies,Baron Cimitere,Billy Johnson,Bobby Bones,Bone Snaiks,BonesMccoy,Bosun Budd,Bosun Guant,Captain Kid,Captain Religeh,Ch'ok Ak'ab,charlie goodnight,corrupted champions,drowned zombies,shades,evil spirits,ghost bison,ghost ships,ghost pirates,la lrona,lasko,mr neville,ol ezikiel,old scratch(yes,i'm paying him to get beaten up,dont worry),poultrygeists,redcoat ghosts,spooky scary skeletons,the floating dutchman,zombies,toast
Reward:A spot on my friend list
David Tennant
Foxy Fazbear