i cant speak

Cute Stuff Commoner
Apr 04, 2011
i never got reported, but i can't use my 13+ text chat. is this a glitch?

Dreamy Dreamer
Feb 27, 2009
Avast, thar I be knowin' what happened. ya weren't reported but instead ya actually add ya self then ignored ya self.

Sweet Talker
Sep 29, 2010
This same exact thing happen to me. I have open chat (I can say anything including numbers) and I couldn't speak either. I never got reported, I didn't receive an email that said I was chat banned and the notice that would have said I was chat banned didn't appear so knew I wasn't chat banned. I can't remember what fixed it. I uses menu chat and that didn't work then I left the area I was in and then I could chat again. I guess it's just a weird glitch.

Cute Stuff Commoner
Jun 01, 2009
So you are saying you use to be able to text chat but now can't?

Is the text box not appearing, can't type into it, or nothing appears on screen when you do type into it?

Cute Stuff Commoner
Nov 28, 2008
This happened to me on FSaturday morning.

I could use the menu chat but was blocked from open chat. I logged off and reported it to customer service along with an explanation that I havent received any notifications of complaints etc. Then when I logged back in, I could talk.

Havent had any other problems with it... just weird bug.