How Popular Are the Worlds Pirate's Want?

Feb 27, 2009
Well I'll tell you. First up is Marleybone, Valencia Skyways are very popular next up Polaris, Darkmoor are not popular. I think it could be Marleybone because Rooke is going there and maybe Valencia next because we might have to find out the Marco Pollo Map and there we could get the third piece or fourth because idk if you get one in Mooshu. Then if that's true we could expect El Dorado but then here's the twist. The Armada made it because they seen the map when you weren't looking and you find out because Old Scratch revived Marco Pollo and then he's your helper and then at this point you should be lvl 78 or 79 or maybe lvl 88 or 89 but I think it's now lvl 78 or 79 because I think you get a piece of the map in Mooshu so then you fight Kane with Rooke, Phlupe, and Deacon as the clockworks and then De Brallisto in the Port Regal story line show's up and then he could've gotten out after you left Port Regal and that mean's Valencia won the battle of Port Regal. You're like what and then all you're companions and you are angry and you finally get to say something. Now you type in what you say like I'm mad to and then you have three choices. Be killed and then become a ghost and then you obey the Armada, surrender and be turned over to the Armada side and kill your companions and become a Musketeer with Musketeer gear but this won't make sense if you're a Musketeer but if you feel like turning over the Armada that's fine. You can charge at the Armada or finally call up some NPCS that you thought you had hard deafeating or working with. I would call up the Magnificent 7 and they're lvl to your lvl and you also get another companion NPC copy of yours for the fight. Now here's the best idea because if you win you get to choose which NPC as your companion including the one you have. I would consider the one you thought that really helped you. And you get to choose 2 NPCS you pick and Privateers get three. So sry if I got off topic but now I'm sure a lot of pirates really want Valencia now.