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How I see Book 13 Going

May 06, 2009
As we await for the coming month(s) for Pirate101 to release the large and dark Book 13 there are somethings I wish to talk about:

Currently, many are saying only one world is to come and that is Marleybone. I don't disagree that the next world is Marleybone however, I feel like many of this community have a simpler way of looking at things. From the experiences in Wizard101, we all are accustom to one new worlds coming out that continue the story. But in Pirate101, they use Books, not worlds, to expand the story. This means we can more than one world to comeout.

How I see Book 13 going, that we are going to return to Valencia in a new skyway. Yes, Valencia is not new, but it is a new adventure to explore. How do I know? Well a lot of concept art for Valencian islands have been released but are not in Aragon. One is this nice island that has a grey-domed house in the center with the Armada symbol. It is already graphically complete as it can be seen in the Valencia-World page on this site as well as on a $20 pre-paid card for the fish pet. The other is a Spiraling Island that is harder for me to describe. Can't remember if links are allowed to go outside the website. Another concept is of a Valencian Unicorn Musketeer and his promotion appearences. Lastly, Blind Mew stated we will be continuing the Mechanical Bird quest in Book 13, which happened in Valenica. I can tell we will be returning to Valencia from all this.
As for the reason why, I'm not certain, but the Armada still holds 2 of the Map pieces. Another ploy for thievery maybe?

Valencia will probably only be one chapter to Book 13. Blind Mew said that Book 13 is going to be very long so I'm ancipating 4 (maybe 3) Chapters total. As for the other 3 (2), I think they'll mostly center around Marleybone.

First off, Rooke made off with the Map piece to El Dorado near the end of MooShu. He needed it to be translated by someone in Marleybone, and probably to finish some other buisness. Since Valencia and Marleybone are at war, he's most likely going to complete battle compands and such. We're not the kind of Pirates that will sit back when an Armada Elite man just presented him/herself. We'll go after him! So it would make sense to follow Rooke and get involved in this whole war we may have regrettfully started. Though we're really going to see some more of Bonnie Anne and probably Ratbeard (they're both due for their promotions anyway. Blind Mew confirmed Bonnie Anne)

Secondly, Blind Mew said he is an Anglophile, which someone who really enjoys English history and culture. He also stated in an interview that his favorite World hasn't been released yet. Marleybone is chock full of British inspiration and such, so it can be infered, Marleybone is his favorite (but we can assume a little of Avalon, too). While "yet" is not a confirming answer, it does mean it will come down the line and that may be sooner than later.

Well that's about what I have to tell. Book 13 will be interesting!