How epic is the p101 opening???????

Oct 26, 2012
I actually decided not to skip the opening sequence when you make a new pirate for once. Honestly I was blown away and thought I was playing a cool update or watching a movie for a second!

Things I loved about it:

  • How Boochbeard and Gandry run up the stairs, their facial expressions and lip syncing. It is the most lifelike animation I have seen in the game.

  • Exploring that armada galleon before recruiting my companion. This is the only time we see what runs beneath these cool ships.

  • The battle angel and dragoon opening poses! Wow, I loved how the angels aerially descended with such speed, and how graciously they fought.

  • And then the dragoons! Such fierce machines, descending from below in a fierce V position, then BAM they point their big guns at you.

Honestly these armada troops felt more threatening and hyped me up more than the Kane fight! Perhaps Kane and some other major bosses should have cool animations before battle. There is so much potential- Rooke emerging from the flames of the victory, Moo awakening his TC army, the Metal guardian rapidly swinging his blade like a fierce samurai- his last stroke pointing at you.

Either way, this is most certainly my last post until I buy membership or crowns again, so peace!

Dread Pirate
May 27, 2009
I agree that the intro is pretty thrilling. More long-time players should go back and create a new pirate to experience it all over again.