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How do you organize your crew?

Mar 21, 2009
Title says all. Here, you can exchange tips about your pirate's crew with others. So how do you organize your crew? I organize mine by attacks. Whichever companion has the highest attack, they're my first mate. Then it goes on from there. I say it's working for my Swashbuckler pirate.

Loyal Roslyn Dove- Level 11 Swashbuckler
Sarah Seabloom (Wizard101)- Level 72 Balance.

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I try to make my first mate something that is different from my Pirate. For example, I always have Bonnie Anne as first mate for my Buccaneer and Swashbuckler so that I always have one ranged and one melee. For my muskateer and witchdoctor, I make sure that my first mate is my strongest melee, buccaneer class if I have the choice between the two. After that, all things being equal, I'll put the crew with the most abilities, then with the best epics, then at the bottom, my Water Mole Slingman who, at level 44 still only has one epic and no abilities. That guy is in desperate need of a promotion that will never come

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May 02, 2009
I have different strategies with my characters. With all my melee classes I chose the companions I liked best. With my witchdoctor, his firstmate is a witchdoctor and with me musketeer, he has always used a melee companion for his firstmate. It's been working out well with them so far. I think the reason why is that i'm a good strategist. Maybe.

May 28, 2009
Most of the time I put my first mate, any of the 6 main characters that aren't the first mate (Ratbeard, Bonie Anne, Old Scratch, the Mooshu prisoner, the treasure hunter Ratbeard steals the will from, and the one who knew the character's parents), anyone with both a power and an attack, and everyone else last. I change this depending on play and advancement, and try not to bunch the same classes together if I can help it, but it's a good starting point.

Sep 08, 2008
My list is broken up into 4 different parts.

The top list, my 'supers'. Those are the companions with 3+ epics, including Relentless x2. An exception here is Sarah Steele. She does not have relentless, but has 5+ other epics that includes Flanking. Making her one versatile and very damaging fighter.

The middle of my list are the 'relentless.' Those are my companions that all have Relentless x2, but pretty much nothing else.

The bottom of my list are the 'normals.' Those are my companions that maybe have two different epics, a single epic (none of which are relentless), or nothing at all.

The very back of my list are the 'duds.' Those are my companions that don't have epics at all, except maybe one (and off the wall epic that barely sees the light of day), and companions who are witchdoctors like Nurse Quinn and the Crab Hermit. (Despite his fix.) Only reason Old Scratch is not on that list is because he has Mojo Echo x2. He is the last companion on my 'relentless' list.