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Housing items you'd like to see added

Sep 29, 2010
I'm sort of getting back into my house decorating spirit again and have decided to decorate my house. I think there are many other housing items the game could use, but some housing items the game really needs more of are treasure housing items, such as those piles of gold. There are only a few of them in the game, Captain Gunn's treasure you receive from completing his treasure quest, the small pile of treasure you can buy from the crown shop, the large pile of treasure you can buy in Marley Bone for 150,000 gold (way too expensive) and the giant pile of treasure you can buy in Aquila for 200,000 gold (WAY too expensive). I did recently find a golden goblet but its very small and not very impressive. I would like there to be treasure chests over flowing with gold and jewels, crates of gold bars, barrels filled with gems and pearls, goblets filled with gold doubloons, and mannequins dressed with gem-sewn robes, gold necklaces and crowns. This is a pirate game after all and we should have way more housing items to show our love for the thing pirates love most. Anyway, those are the housing items I would like to see added to the game, any housing items you'd like to see added?

~Bloody Wolf Freeman~

Oct 15, 2010
I just don't think there's enough housing items in general! I think I would most like to see stuff to make outdoor dining areas, etc. But it's hard to find furniture to even fill up your house decently!

Pirate Overlord
Mar 10, 2009
I would love to see the free household items hidden in the game like it is on Wiz. That was so fun wandering around and being rewarded for your curiosity for checking out an unused room by finding something really unique to put in your house.