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Hoodoo Bundle online

Nov 23, 2011
Thanks, KI! This addition to the online bundles is going to make a lot of people happy, as for whatever reason this card was always very elusive in stores - and of course not available at all to pirates outside of the U.S. We were only able to pick them up almost six months after releases, and only one local Wal Marts carried them and it stopped some months back.

For those of you who haven't had a chance to play with the card before, it is one of the best in my opinion. The Conqueroo outfit is a nice set of gear (optimized for witch doctors), the creepy ship is excellent (and you can change the color of the mist it leaks). But the best thing about this card is Hoodoo Cornelius, the crazy monkey beserker witchdoctor with the "Go Bananas" ability. When you activate "Go Bananas" Hoodoo will keep hitting any available targets until they are taken out of action... or he is (he takes some damage every extra attack the ability gives him), or until he misses with a GB attack. The ability stacks very nicely with Blade Storm and Relentless. The temptation is to give him to a witch doctor pirate, but in my experience he works best with privateers, who have buffs that negate his weaknesses - his self-damage and his relatively low accuracy score (he is a witch doctor, after all).


Oct 11, 2008
Yar! I'm thrilled to see this! Finally picked mine up for my witchdoctor. SOOOOO HAPPY! Thank you KI!!

May 30, 2010
It was indeed nice to be able to add Hoodoo Cornelius to the baby and middle accounts at last. Need to start plotting who will get the nice ship now.

Mar 24, 2013
Thank you so much, KI . This is the day I have been waiting for, welcome aboard Hoodoo Cornelius.