Home World 5 companion design contest by PotS

Dread Pirate
Jun 13, 2011
Pirates, you know we're gonna be seeing Valencia II soon, but, to keep the excitement going, Pirates of the Spiral have just hosted a new contest, only this time, it places it's followers in letting their imaginations out through designing the Home World 5 companions, those that depends on which world our Pirates were raised in; Skull Island, Marleybone, Krokotopia, MooShu, or Grizzleheim.

In one of Blind Mew's posts in Story Thread 2, he commented that having the Home World 5 companions sparked interest in seeing them in P101 someday, & as with the MooShu 5, Kraken Skulls 5, Presidio 5 & Class Choice 5, having the Home World 5 companions in P101 may make the choices' results more interesting.

The link to the new Home World 5 companion design contest is over here, to those who are willing to participate it.

Pour your creativity into how the Home World 5 companions would appear in Pirate101, & you may win some crowns to those who have picked the best Home World 5 companion designs. Thinking about Epic Talents in them are included, & even new Powers, be it shared through certain class choices, like those taught by Mordekai, the Commodore, or Madame Vadima, &/or unique powers that only these companions can use, like the case that Bonnie Anne's unique powers do, E.G., to place their efficiency to greater lengths.

We may see the Home World 5 companions officially in P101 by KingsIsle someday. I would like to see them, too. Now, jump into the contest & get to designing! May the best companion designers win!

Good designing!