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Holiday events

Nov 04, 2012
Ideas for holiday events
  • Halloween: Haunted House deed in crown shop, Black cat pet with Riposte, Pumpkin head guy from wizard 101 as a companion in crown shop with over watch, Ghoul(from triton avenue not the green ones) in crown shop with Relentless, and a Halloween dungeon like Avery's office is haunted and at the west bastion(near Rigby) and you go through Avery's basement and you get a Banshee with Jobu Rise. & Avery's court and Skull Island has fog and dark sky and a trick or treat mission like w101.
  • Thanksgiving: Pilgrim Cottage deed in crown shop, Turkey pet with second chance, Duck Farmer companion with Vengeance Strike, a chicken with Doomspell, and a thanksgiving Dungeon where Bestia has a crazy stupid person assassin trying to assassinate Decius you enter through the building on the left en that takes you to the top of Circus Maximus where you battle the assassin and you get a Turkey Pirate like Captain fowl with Burst Fire.
  • Christmas: Winter Cabin deed, a Reindeer pet with red nose, and Christmas lights collar with blade storm, Prince Yulfest again(in the next update can he get a promotion), Christmas Elf with True Grit an a Christmas dungeon where were black rock cave used to be there's a Christmas Elf outpost with a portal to Santa's Village where Santa is token hostage by the Christmas Bummer. you defeat him and you get Mrs. Claus (like Nadya) with Rebel Boundaries and there's Christmas lights everywhere and a Christmas tree in the middle of Skull Island where there's a Present you can collect Daily for a chance to get amazing prizes like gold, gear, even 5,000 crowns.

Jun 26, 2010
interesting ideas mate, but are some doubts though with those

- Deadeye Jack Morgan