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Honey Buncher
Sep 09, 2010
Pirate dialogue from companions is really excellent in game.

Forever Friend
Jan 22, 2013
krokotopia pirate on Jul 8, 2014 wrote:
Pirate dialogue from companions is really excellent in game.
I like it to.

Angel Ambassador
Nov 23, 2011
Yes, they did a nice job with the "talking" crew.


Luv Ya Leader
Mar 10, 2009
Yea I love hearing my crew talk and watching them banter back and forth. Really great stuff.

Luv Ya Leader
Mar 16, 2012
Dreamy Dreamer
Dec 01, 2012
I honestly couldn't agree more.

I really enjoy hearing Kan Po's voice,because it feels like you're interrupting him while he's pondering something important,but he still humbly offers his help...and you send him brawlin'.

I like hearing Genevieve and George shriek,because they feel so alike,their voices are pretty similar,but they are talking about two wholly different things,a witchdoctor could tell.

I like hearing Bones McGee's non-chalant nature.

I like hearing Ratbeard's loyalty manifest.

I like hearing Birgus Latro say :''I'm on it'' before you even tell him what you want him to do.

I could write about everyone in my crew,but this is enough to get the idea that I LOVE my crew.

Dreamy Dreamer
Jun 26, 2010
Aye, the way they design each companion is brilliant I give them an A+ in me book.

- Deadeye Jack Morgan