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Hey! What Us Side Companions and Our Stories?

May 06, 2009
We have many, many, many, (did I mention?) Companions in our game. More Side Companions than main. Our Side Companions have no promotion quests and few have any backstory to them during the quests we get them. Blind Mew can't make a Promotion quest for every Companion and it's not quite economical for Kingsisle to do so.
However, this leaves players, writers, and players a perfect chance to expand their creativity! So I'm asking anyone interested to pick any side companion and write a back story, a promotion quest for one or each teir, or a promotion quest that reveals some back story.
Do not be afraid to tell your version of a side Companion of it's already been said. Nothing is concrete so if someone says the backstory of Handsome Dan, you're free to tell your own story. Be as detailed as you want! Even write a Script of a scene!

I'll even join in and do an interesting quest line on some of the less noticed and possibly hardest Companions in the Spiral, the Animal Companions! Here's mine for the Batacuda Companion:

-Companion Promotion Call-
Batacuda: (Growl, Growl)
Ratbeard: Um, Cap'n. Some then seems wrong with the little critter. We should look to a Tavern and investigate!

-Scene 1- Tavern
Batacuda: (Growl, Hiss, Growl)
Bonnie Anne: Oy, what's wrong the little guy? He keeps jumping around.
Ratbeard: I dunno. Did ya remember t'feed 'im?
Bonnie Anne: Of course, I did! Even though it's been your job to feed him!
Ratbeard: My job? Pshaw! With all this adventuring we've been doin', and I havin' to take the bulk of the work, I should'nt have to feed him!
Bonnie Anne: Bulk of the work? Please! At least, now, I know we have two creatures messed up in the head
Ratbeard: What was that, missie!? Why I oughta-
Batacuda: (Growl, Growl)
Kan Po: Enough of this foolish chattering! It does nothing for our sick comrad. looks as though he has eaten something bad. May I see that Fish food? Hmm... Oh my! This food is no good! It's rottened and stale.
Ratbeard: Really? Maybe I shouldn't have boughten the more expansive stuff...
Bonnie Anne: Ratbeard, you git!
Batacuda: (Growl, Growl)
Bonnie Anne: Poor thing. Must be starving. Let's try and fine some food for the little guy. Maybe Avery know's some one with some quality food to sell. Let's go, Cap'n.
Ratbeard: Hey! What's that 'pose to mean?
-End Scene-

-Scene 2- Avery's Mansion
Avery: Ah! Why if it isn't my favorite Pir- Gah! What in the world is that sick thing? Ah! Don't let it in here! These runs are made of the most irreplacable silk in the Spiral! He'll get slobber all over them!
Bonnie Anne: Sorry about the floors, Avery, but we need your help. This Batacuda's been poisoned. We need some kind of a cure. Would you happen to know of some one?
Avery: Hmm...let's see. Typically, I only need to talk to my...'sources' when my Parrot isn't feeling well. I don't know of any fish people. Try talking to Mordekai.
-End Scene-