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here an idea for the makers of pirate101

Mar 26, 2013
idea one:we have a player versus player that is fun so why not build on that and make it where we the players can do ship battle with other players like we can do with player versus player and have a players ship versus other players ships.

idea two:the maker of the game should make it where there is a weapon in the crowns shop that goes with the class/school of pirate that you choose.(ie)
the weapon should play in to the strengths of the type of pirate you have chosen.
so say you pick a buccaneer the weapon should be one that gets a bonus from strength as well as the (slashy/smashy) part of the pirates bonus damage from strength.
or if you pick musketeer as your pirate a type of weapon that play to there strengths such as a bonus from
(shooty/slashy or shooty/staby)
or if the pirate is a privateer it should play in the there strength as well as get a bonus form(slashy/shooty or slashystaby exe)
or if you pick a swashbuckler it should play in to there strengths and a bonus from(slashy/staby)
or if you pick a witchdocter it should play in to there strengths and should be a bonus type of weapon that is not just a staff but should be one where they can use as both a ranged attack weapon and a melee weapon
that gets a bonus from (shooty/staffy or staffy/smashy or staffy/slashy exe)

on idea one that would be fun testing your nautical skills and just having fun just as we do with player vs player

and idea two it would be nice to have weapons that go well with your pirate class.

just some ideas that would make it fun weather it pvp or with a sweet class type weapon