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Help with Privateer lvl 25 spell

Feb 28, 2011
My friend got the quest to go to Commodore Perry's home (where you fight ninja pigs to get your next spell) and was killed. Now when he goes back inside, there are no pigs to fight and he can't get his next spell. Since he cant get this spell, he also cant get any further spells from the privateer teacher. If there is anyone out there who is going to do this quest, do you mind if he tags along so that he can finish this spell quest? He already sent KI a couple emails with no response. Getting new spells is a crucial element to playing and succeeding in this game, which is now so much harder for him without these new spells. Thanks

Jan 05, 2009
I believe this is the level 15 ability (2 x Critical). At level 25 you fight with the Ensigns in Cool Ranch and get the Protection ability. I know one person who had the 'was killed' problem the week before opening...never resolved as far as I know.