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Help With Book 15

Gunner's Mate
Feb 26, 2013
Hello all of you wonderful pirates! It's been a busy summer for me so I haven't got much time to play my favorite game, but now that I have, I must say I am absolutely in LOVE with the story so far and can not wait to see where it goes! However, I am having some troubles with a few of the fights. For example the guards in Casimir's Room (holy cow I wasn't prepared for that!) However while these fights have been challenging they've been extremely fun to do and I can not WAIT to see what other fights I have in store! :D

The only problem is that I would really love to go through some of the dungeons/quests/fights with someone else. I just feel it would be a lot more fun that way :'3 I'm currently ruining a squad of Kan Po/Yagi, Contessa (the AMAZING new Swashbuckler!), and the third slot alternates between Egg Shen, The Marchioness, and Ratbeard. I'm currently doing the Commander Typhon quest (I killed him last night but his crew killed me in return). If anyone would like to join up with me, I would greatly appreciate the help and company <3 If you'd like to add me, my pirate's name is Cruel Owen Quarrel.

Also, if anyone is interested, I would so be down for discussing Book 15 in general :3 I'm very curious as to how this turns out. Thank you for reading! Have a fantastic week!

Cpt. Cruel Owen Quarrel, Level 65 Club Champ

P.S: I got an awesome new Clockwork Steed!!