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Has Darkmoor been proved to be a future world?

Feb 10, 2009
Today, I was trying to find out some clues to some new worlds we may encounter on our exciting pirate adventures. I then read some questions someone was asking Blind Mew:"10. Are there going to be any more fantasy-heavy worlds like Aquila? I can imagine Darkmoor and El Dorado fitting that category though.... Part of Blind Mew's answer was this:Darkmoor will have some elements that are pretty out there, but with a different flavor. It'll still be fairly grounded. That gives us some clues. Then, the player asks this:Will we ever be going to rajah, krokotopia, or darkmoor in the el dorado storyline? Blind Mew answers with this Blind Mewish answer:Yes on two of those. Which two? You can no doubt predict my answer. This caught my attention, and I would like to see your thoughts, and predictions.

- Fearless Michael lvl 65

-Daring Michael lvl 64