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Guess this is goodbye

Dread Pirate
Jun 17, 2013
TheDragonspyrePira... on Apr 3, 2014 wrote:
I'll join central once I get my new laptop, I've been saving up and I'll be getting it soon. But I changed my mount (the coconut) and I love it. So look for me with that. But I'll join central and I know there's allot of useful things, but I have to save a bit more and then order it and then wait for it. (I'm posting this on my iPad the school gave us so central is blocked.) but I'll join as soon as I can
Sounds good Jack! Whenever you are able to, we will be there, so just look me up and send a message. I don't get a chance to get on there every day or even every 2 or 3 days, but I check up on everything and catch up there as often as I can. It's great that you are taking the initiative and working hard to save up for your iPad yourself. When you are able to register on central, if you have any questions about the sight or need to know how to get your personal page up and running, feel free to ask me. It's a quite a bit different then here on the boards and I am still figuring some of it out myself, but I will be happy to help you out in any way I I am sure some of the others there will as well. Good luck on getting that money saved up and getting your new laptop. Oh, and I just gotta get me some coconuts! If for no other reason than to honor and praise the great Monty.