Goronado powers.

Petty Officer
Mar 15, 2013
Goronado is a very good companion with his vicious charge and Gorilla warfare. But I feel he could use some more powers to make him Great. Now I understand nausica is the ruler of pvp currently but I think like goro should rise. So people don't have to run to stores to get the dominating pvp companion for 40 dollars. Sometimes time people buy the empire bundle for the companion, mostly for the gear and stuff but nevermind that . This power for goro good be seen as Overpowered or entirely fine. But maybe reckless frenzy? I know I know, sounds a bit crazy but I think could be fine if balanced right. As his other power maybe a krakens lament or a brutal strike. Instead he starts with triton song and brutal charge, (Instead of vicious charge) So when he gets promoted he gets these powers or upgrades of current powers. |Krakens lament| |Vicious strike| (keeps brutal one to) |Reckless frenzy| If not reckless then maybe something like Ape madness! Its kinda a dumb and/or weird name but I couldn't think of anything else at the time. Instead of reckless frenzy its a downgraded version, he are the pros and cons. |Ape madness| lol again . Anyways |Keep attacking until dead lose 8 percent health each hit 10 Percent less damage during attack. So its basically a downgraded version of reckless frenzy killing you faster and doing a bit less damage than normal, but is still powerful. So do you guys agree with upgrading goronado a bit? Feel free to tell me your opinion. I love feedback